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"I was a small company in the past but I didn't get the impression that you saw me as a small company and you were always there for help..."(From a Artisan contractor, Pinellas Florida)
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At least one-fourth of all businesses that close because of a disaster never reopen. Small businesses are especially vulnerable, because few of them have the resources or knowledge to assess disaster risks and develop comprehensive mitigation and recovery plans.

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The president of the C&H Insurance Agency and of the Board of Directors of the Tampa Bay Builder's Association, Bill Davison provided five years as Industry Insurance Advisor for the Pinellas County Contractors and Builder's Association. C&H Insurance is a current associate of the TBBA.

Your Independent Agent
The C&H Insurance Agency writes insurance for all types of businesses including coverage for builders, tradesmen, roofers, retail and wholesale operations. Finding the right coverage during these economic times is not easy.

At C&H Insurance, our professional, experienced and qualified team of insurance agents understand that insurance premiums do have an impact on your business. We are insurance brokers with a difference. With over 45 years in the industry, we understand the statutory, contractual and commercial needs to help you find the correct coverage at the right price.

FAQ of the Business Owner
presented by William F. Davison

  • What is the advantage of having one agency handle all my property and casualty insurance?

Commercial insurance policies are written separately and designed to co-ordinate with the existence of other coverages. A knowledgeable, experienced insurance Agent will be in the best position to achieve the best protection for the best price. This agent will be able to better analyze different situations and make recommendations. Contractors requiring certificates of insurance will only have to contact one agency.


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  • Do I need to carry workers compensation if my business is very small?

Yes. If not, be aware of the risks you entail by going without. You need to have a qualified agent counsel you on alternatives to handle this exposure. You can insure the risk, avoid the risk, or assume the risk.

  • I am confused about workers compensation exemptions, other than calling the State, where do I go for help?

The agents of C&H Insurance will be pleased to answer your questions regarding exemptions, workers compensation policies, and the various markets available through licensed insurers, self-insurance funds, or in the employee leasing arrangement.

  • I am in employee leasing and I am wondering if it would be beneficial to carry my own worker's comp policy, can you enlighten me on this?

Employee leasing sometimes has a role to play in this vein. Carrying your own policy will provide protection from claims coming up through subcontractors. Your own program will enable you to enjoy premium size discounts, safety program discount, drug-free discount, FCCPA discount of up to 25% for contractors engaged in the trades, and the establishment of your own experience modification. An agency experienced in workers compensation can make the transition to one's own policy as painless as possible. In short, there can be great coverage and cost benefits in making such a change.

  • I want my own workers compensation policy but like the "pay as you go" aspect of employee leasing. Are there any alternatives available to me?

Yes, monthly reporting of payroll with little or nothing down is readily available to most insureds today. C&H Insurance also works with leading payroll companies, which achieve this goal in workers comp monthly reporting.

In the last five years the rates in Florida have gone down over 50% and the market for this type of insurance has never been more open.

  • I have a corporation that does not own any vehicles. Do I have a risk of exposure in this area?

Yes, quite possibly. Employees of the corporation or independent contractors acting on its behalf create a vicarious liability for the corporation arising through the Master-Servant Rule in Law. Your agent can recommend non-owned auto liability coverage very inexpensively to cover this exposure.

  • I am looking to buy a building for my business. What do I need to consider from an insurance standpoint?

The key areas of concern are distance to tidal water, type of construction, age, and dates of updates to roof, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. Other factors include types of tenants that will occupy the building and unusual hazards which the structure may present.

  • I have a small business and my premiums are not large. I want professional service and good coverage but am wondering if I am "too small" for your agency to handle.

C&H Insurance does not have a minimum account size and welcomes inquiries from good businesses, large or small.

  • Will you be able to handle any type of business or account?

No. Not always. Our agency provides coverage over a very wide range but if we feel it is in your best interest to call another insurance professional in a particular instance, we will do so. Commercial insurance is very complex and you will find that the better agencies do not try to be "all things to all people." We cover over 1,500 Florida businesses and literally clover "the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker" among other varied types of commerce.

  • Isn't price the most important consideration, "bottom line?"

Price is extremely important, of course. What is imperative is that you get the best value . A well-structured insurance program carefully put together through a quality insurance carrier most often achieves the best value. You are buying an intangible product that you probably don't completely understand. You need to find a good, experienced insurance agent whom you can trust.

  • What is a tools and equipment floater policy?

This type of coverage is written on property that is mobile in nature (job to job).

It needs to be covered on its own policy form. "Mysterious disappearance" is normally not covered. There should be evidence of theft / visible signs of entry etc. The rate per hundred of coverage is generally higher for blanket coverage on smaller items. "Scheduled" items over a certain value carry a lower rate. Some insurers offer replacement cost coverage if the equipment is insured to replacement value. Most often the claim is adjusted at the time of loss on a depreciated basis (actual cash value). "Actual cash value" equals replacement cost less depreciation. An insured needs to review at least annually what is on the equipment schedule and appropriate value insured for the item. Be proactive in this regard.

  • Why do independent insurance agents write most of the business insurance in the United States?

Independent agents represent and affiliate themselves with a great variety of insurance companies and providers rather than working for one insurance company. C&H Insurance will write coverage in over 100 carriers during a twelve-month period. The long standing relationships based on trust with these various markets enable us to tailor-make coverage at the best price available.

Placing business insurance normally requires more in depth treatment and technical expertise by the agent. Our agency has an extremely high customer retention rate and the continuity and confidence evident is much appreciated.

We are a "family" business and most often our long-term customers become our friends.

  • Do you charge for preparation of certificates of insurance?

No. If the certificateholder requires you to name them as an additional insured on the general liability policy, there usually is a premium charge however. An additional insured may also be provided legal defense by the carrier in the event of a claim and they would enjoy coverage under your policy. This transfer of risk to your policy may also reduce the amount of coverage you would enjoy in such an event (additional insured situation). For this reason, you may consider increasing the limit of general liability provided by your policy. Increasing limits is not expensive.

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